Music marketing

We currently maintain a Email list of 200k plus and grow that list everyday with our contacts and yours we will keep your fans and future fans up to date with your needs and developing art

•    Logo development - this includes all digitized files and 300 dpi images for online and print use
•    Apparel designs and development, SummitArts can run with your vision or produce merch for your band all in house , experienced and professional . layouts on multiple samples will be available all from shirts to outer wear we will have you covered summer to winter
•    Website development with integrated shopping cart and seo management
•    Shirt sales on site print on demand as well as quantity water based ink printing
•    Posters for touring and all promotional items details further to be discussed
•    Stickers design and print
•    Promo mailers in multi company packages 100s weekly international and domestic - targeting available
•    You tube videos and proper metatag and google search console
•    Social media ads for targeting audience, dates or specific cities
•    Youtube video ads targeted audience
•    Management experience Of international touring bands
•    Artist entertainment lawyer consulting and contract negotiations and or revisions
•    Name and brand copyright
•    Street team promotions for large scale festivals inside and outside industry
•    Shopping Sponsorship for current projects of qualifying caliber
•    Promotions include outside and inside industry markets - but still pertaining to your style of music and your band or solo acts needs.  


Further details on all other services please email