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Smart Marketing

Finding your space

Let SummitArts assist you with your upcoming release through social media ad campaigns, targeted SEO optimization, playlist pitching, YouTube engagement, and comprehensive release strategies. We offer a variety of packages to suit different budgets.

Management and Consulting

Extensive experience in working with international touring acts and managing day-to-day operations. From long haul record cycle scheduling to handling domestic and worldwide contacts, we have the expertise to help you take giant steps in your career.
  • Lucas Joyner

    CEO AIW Records - CEO SummitArts - Manager - Head Of Marketing and A&R - Symphonic - The Pride MGMT - Black Magic Designs Consultant
  • Moon

    Web3 & Crypto Royalty Investment Manager
  • Rich DeSilva

    A&R - Graphic Design - Visual supervisor - Marketing Department
  • Nic Bell

    A&R - Physical Sales Manager - In House Booking -Godsize Records Owner
  • Quinn Anthony

    A&R - Tech Department - Tour Manger
  • Ken Linton

    Operations & Buisness Development
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Split Share Royalty Pool

In order to boost the revenue stream for all artists, we will allocate 5% of the collected royalties towards a buy back of AtEM Coin. This amount will then be assigned to artists on a tier basis, ensuring a higher revenue stream. Artists can choose to hold the token and gain benefits or exchange it for label services.
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Art Is War Records

As a globally renowned record label specializing in Hard Rock, Metal & Extreme music, AIW Records has earned a reputation for excellence. Our impressive resume includes over a dozen albums that have achieved Billboard charts success, as well as a top 25 hard rock terrestrial radio track. With our extensive industry knowledge and expertise, we are well-equipped to identify and sign top talent. If you're interested in submitting a demo, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer flexible packages ranging from simple licensing to fully funded record cycles.

AIW Merch

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